This dvd is designed for those individuals who want to bring a sense of sacred mystery to their work. It runs the gamut from beginning concepts to intermediate and advanced technique. Beginners will find that this is a useful tool that can be used as your dance grows. Advanced dancers interested in incorporating ritualistic style into their art will certainly gain from this.

Included in the dvd:
Mirror Work meditations for increasing confidence and improving posture.
Ritual Theory in which techniques designed to draw out the numinous in a ritualistic fashion are demonstrated:
Technical Practice section demonstrating techniques to enhance your dark persona:
Two performances with new music specially written for Anaar by Pandemonaeon are included.
A resource section is included for the curious.
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Instead of the usual gallery, I’ve decided to present a few slideshows. These files are huge, so open the file, get a cup of coffee and hit the replay button! Thanks!

Obake Odori

Persephone’s Poppies
Best of 2006
Some charcoal drawings

Statements regarding my work are included in the slideshow.
Special thanks go to Dimitris and Try^ad, and to Michael Baxter for their creative thinking.

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Obake Odori

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